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Development aspects 6 walnut industry

Source:walnut china  Addtime:2011-04-11  

Walnuts rapid development, I would like to talk about from the following six aspects of some of their own ideas.
      1, Walnut suitable environment to enhance the research, to develop walnut. Walnut only distributed in the current provinces of Zhejiang and Anhui Eye system, the distribution is narrow, affecting small. After 80 years, Jinhua City, Quzhou City are part of the introduction, growth is good. But still limited to some of the surrounding adjacent areas. Distribution of the genus from the walnut, in the Yangtze River, 200-1000 meters above sea level body, calcareous soil should be suitable species. Therefore, the introduction should be a wider range of tests.
      2, to speed up the process of walnut varieties. Walnut seed is to actively develop and achieve "a high priority two" material basis. In recent years, won the breakthrough of walnut grafting, cuttings has also been some progress (see below), these are the walnut varieties of the key technology of walnut varieties provide technical assurance. The selection of walnut work has begun. Zhejiang Forestry College, 2001 Walnut Walnut Research Institute of the selected areas for a wide range of excellent, has selected 95 superior strains, and were registered. Through the fruit, the seed rate, seed kernel weight, shelling percentage, oil yield, crude protein, unsaturated fatty acids, K, Ca, Mg, Na and other analysis showed that there is a big walnut individual genetic differences between ( see Figure 1). Therefore, the need to strengthen the superior strains of walnut species selection, genetic determination of the clones, clone breeding improved varieties.
      Meanwhile, on the need for Juglans germplasm collection, research and expand the genetic diversity of walnut breeding. Walnuts and walnut shell genetic differences will have hybrid vigor, through the breeding program breeding of hybrid progeny, at present the preliminary test, walnut X American walnut, walnut fruit generally increased.
      3, to strengthen the research culture model, the formation of business matching and walnut cultivation management technology system. Walnut dried in history belongs to the wild, mostly in the complex by the natural growth of wild seedling bushes, shrubs, saplings and tending a forest by the clearance of the complex, people without seeding, planting and tending habits. Therefore, the existing poor stand structure, density generally too large, tall trees, crown small, light enough yield is not high. Second, no one ever walnut trim, that will result in Shugan die cut next several sections, the term of its natural growth and bore branches, poor growth and no clean-up sticks, so that is difficult to form a good tree. There are walnut pollination, water and fertilizer management, intercropping, trees dwarf problem, the problem earlier so strong a need to strengthen the research of walnut cultivation model, propose a suitable and modern cultivation technology system of cultivation and management, scientific management .
      4, strengthening the pest forecasting and control work. Now found a very serious pest of walnut, forecasting of pests and diseases should be carried out, and guide prevention and treatment of farmers in a timely manner. Maggots as buds, in about April 20 each year occur in a timely manner to ensure the prevention of female and male flowers of normal development, or it may crop failure. In pest control, should guide the farmers to choose the amount of non-toxic or low toxic residue of pesticides, hormones to prevent blindness drug and biological pesticides to ensure food safety walnut.
      5, strengthen the comprehensive utilization of walnut. Main products are based on walnut walnut stone, as raw materials for processing nuts, peel, shell and so is waste. Composition analysis in Walnut, Walnut hi calcium, potassium hi, walnut fruit is rich in potassium, can be considered also peel can also be considered as a component of specialty fertilizer walnut. In addition, the walnut fruit is toxic, can be considered research and development of biological pesticides, increase the added value of walnut.
      6, the proposed establishment of Walnut Industry Association as soon as possible. Currently walnut production, processing, there are still blind and disorderly competition. According to statistics, Lin existing farmers engaged in production of over 40,000 households Walnut, 221 Walnut processing enterprises, the number of sales up to 1802 people employed, generally small scale of production and processing. Walnut cut, regardless of walnut mature or not, generally early harvest, prices rise, seriously affected the quality of walnut; Danian time when the walnuts are hard rock bottom price, the phenomenon of increasing output without increasing the peasants there. Therefore, scientific and technological awareness, improve the quality of brand awareness is difficult to set up. The establishment of walnut industry associations can be decentralized management of the farmers, processing companies banded together to effectively lengthen and improve the industrial chain, the effective adjustment of the economic interests within the industry, coordinated relationship between the parties, to achieve orderly competition within the industry.

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