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Advantages and disadvantages of eating walnuts?

Source:walnut china  Addtime:2010-11-08  

Eating walnuts every day can lower cholesterol. Walnut mainly rich in fat, which contains lipids are linoleic acid glycerides, oleic acid and linolenic acid and glycerol on the reduction of elevated cholesterol in the blood useful for atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases in patients with useful health .
Chinese medicine since ancient times, put the walnuts called the "longevity fruit" that walnuts can kidney brain, Bu Zhong Yi Qi, Yun-skin, black hair. Eating walnuts can nourish the brain, improve cerebral circulation, strengthen the brain. As well as UFA, the role of skin Guangrun, because "the blood of those who made more than" blood wang is black, and walnuts are rich in vitamins, can improve the physiological activity of human skin, so is the beauty of women, share. Walnut is a treasure pimple, you can also pay attention to eat and Taboo. Should be adequate, long-term, insist on taking. Walnut contains fat, although it helps clear the cholesterol of unsaturated fatty acids, but the fat itself has a high heat, if excessive consumption would not be fully utilized, it will be stored by the body as cholesterol, counter-productive . In general, daily doses of the weight of walnut, should be 40 grams, roughly equivalent to four or five walnut. It should also be appropriate to reduce the intake of other fats in order to avoid excessive calorie intake. Professor Zhang said, walnut Huoqi Da, containing more fat, eating more will people get angry and sick, is lit, diarrhea, people should not eat. Good is to eat a walnut and red dates, walnuts boiled rice porridge with drink, because walnuts can make up "the birth of the" rice, red dates to fill, "acquired the book" so that together, health effects best.

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